Best Contractor

The best contractor I ever worked with and I have worked with a couple. If you are ready to build your home I’d definitely recommend Richard Bergman.

First class in every way

Heartland Homes and it’s heart and soul, Richard Bergman, are first class in every way. We built our home and also did several projects before that with Richard. There is no one I could trust more to care about every detail, to make sure we got the most value and at the same time, to care about building for a cleaner environment.

If I ever decided to build, you are my guy

If I ever decided to build, you are my guy. Your designs are just fabulous and I just had to tell you that! People you don’t even know consider you brilliant. I hope that makes you smile. Have a great weekend!

Home Design Hero

I’m sure you don’t recall meeting me, but when I saw you on LinkedIn I just had to tell you that YOU are my favorite builder in the area.

Your designs beat the others out of the park

Your designs beat the others out of the park. No contest. I believe you had a hand in building my house (I believe you were partnered up with another builder at the time) YEARS ago (I bought a show home from one of the Horizon shows), but I still enjoy going through homes just to see what’s out there.

We cannot praise Heartland Homes enough

We cannot praise Heartland Homes enough and highly recommend building with Richard Bergman. Just mention his name in the business and high praise is all around!

Our new home is green certified

Our new home is green certified. We are living in an elegant, progressively thought out space and paying very little for our utilities. The materials in our home are the finest from our foundation to the wood that is used to frame our house, from our windows, doors and fixtures to the beautifully dry, spacious basement with high ceilings.

Thank you for building me the home of my dreams

After more than three weeks, I’m still pinching myself when wake up and I realize where I am! I can’t believe I actually made this move. Thank you for building me the home of my dreams.
Every aspect of it is perfect! Dorothy’s casually elegant choice created a warm, relaxed atmosphere making entertaining easy and personal comfort. My “Fifty Shades of Grey” home! Love it! And no more knee pain is priceless.

We love our new home

What a great house you built! Bob and I are enjoying it and loving it more and more.

The home of my dreams

I enjoyed working with Richard. He listened to me and the house he built is still my dream home. I had many ideas of my own and he was willing to work with me to incorporate my wishes. I would use/recommend him for a project.

Easy to work with

We built our first house with Richard 12 years ago. Everything went flawless except for a couple problems, but Richard was right there to resolve the issues. He spared no expense to make sure the issues were resolved properly. There will always be an issue or 2 when building a home – but its how the builder takes care of the issues that makes the difference. Richard was and still is extremely easy to work with and an extremely reasonable builder. If I were to build again, I would choose Richard over any other builder out there today as well-hands down.

Future Needs

Everything was thought out for our future needs.