Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission at Heartland Homes Construction Inc. is to affect meaningful, positive change for a better world. As advocates for sustainability, we provide information and systems that catalyzes and inspires commitment to sustainable living.

To Build Green & Smart Homes that enable our clients to live healthier and more productive lives while lowering their impact on the climate.

To enhance our clients’ enjoyment and pride in their homes by providing the highest quality products, craftsmanship and service. To encourage our customers to incorporate green building and universal design principles in their homes, so that, together, we can help change the world, one house at a time.

What is Universal Design

Universal design makes things more accessible, safer, and convenient for everyone. Also called “Design for All” or “Inclusive Design”, it is a philosophy that can be applied to policy, design and other practices to make products, environments and systems function better for a wider range of people. It developed in response to the diversity of human populations, their abilities and their needs. Examples of universal design include no step entries, no curb showers with seats, lever handles, higher outlets, lower switches, wider hallways and door openings, blocking for future or present grab bars, planed lighting,  and the accessibility features incorporated into kitchen, baths and computer operating systems and software.

Builders Mission

As builders our mission should be a shared one:

To create with our children in mind, beautifully designed, green buildings, respecting energy use, the best if our resources and indoor air quality.

That every person live, work, and play in harmony with nature.

We can enhance people’s lives.

Richard Bergman is a certified green builder, energy star rated builder, and an aging in place specialist.