Home Audit

The Home Audit checklist helps us organize information about your needs. Use this list to get design specifics right.

Check (✔) any of the following items that present problems.


Climbing up the stairs to the front doorGoing down the stairs from the front doorUnlocking the front doorUsing the door knobReaching and using the mailboxSeeing in the area


Opening and going through doors to roomsUsing door knobsMoving between carpeted and non-carpeted areasSeeing because of inadequate lightingTurning on lights in the area being approached


Slipping on stairsDistinguishing thresholds and edgesTracking over bare treads or other obstaclesBalancing support


Entering and exitingTurning lights on and offUsing electrical outletsCommunicationsOpening and closing drapes, shades, and/or curtainsOpening and closing windowsUsing the closet (opening/closing, reaching clothes)Finding adequate storage roomTripping on rug corners and edgesSeeing because of glareSeeing because of inadequate lighting


Turning lights on and offUsing electrical outletsOpening and closing windowsSeeing because of inadequate lightingUsing cabinets, closets, or other storageUsing and reaching all parts of the refrigerator/freezerUsing counters or other surfaces (preparing meals)Using the oven (door, dials, shelves)Reaching the switch on the range fanUsing the stove (dials, reaching burners)Opening cans or bottlesUsing water tapsCleaning the floor and other surfacesUsing the dishwasherDisposing trash/garbage


Entering and exitingPrivacyTurning lights on and offUsing electrical outletsUsing cabinets and closetsUsing the mirrorUsing the water tapsUsing the sinkUsing the toiletUsing the shower/bathtubOpening and closing the window


Entering the living roomTurning lights on and offUsing electrical outletsSeeing because of glare from the outdoors or from lightsSeeing because of inadequate lightOpening and closing drapes, shades, and/or curtainsOpening and closing windowsMoving around in the living roomMonitoring the heating and cooling systemTripping on rug corners and edgeEntertaining guests